I’m a Linux hacker wannabe working with Linux as a profession and also as a hobby.


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  1. Luis Enrique Calanche Says:

    Hi friend,

    I’m sorry about bothering you, but I’m getting crazy with a Nokia N900 I bought few days ago, from a friend. When I got it, the phone radio was not working, there was an icon across the sim icon. I just update it to the latest maemo PR 1.2, and It got fixed. The issue is with the wifi function, its not working, I’ve made a hard reset flashing the PR 1.2 and the latest eMMC, its supposed to be factory settings, I tought it could be fixed with it, but its still not working. I’ve installed wireless tools and trying with the iwconfig command to config manually the mode, essid, key, but nothing, I dont know what could be happening, could it be something physical, maybe the wireles chip??? By the way the bluetooth function is working fine.

    Something curious that happened is that once I left the phone trying to find wireless networks, and I went to have dinner, it was like 1 or 2 hours like that, when I came back it found all the WLAN’s I wanted to find, I’ve tryied to do the same but nothing.

    I’d like to have your support to find out whats going on with it, I never touch inside the phone, thanks a lot.


    Luis E.

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