N800/N810 support to mainline kernels

As I hinted in my previous post, I started working on adding N800 and N810 support to mainline kernels. I have now a four week long summer vacation (the best part living in Finland) and this is a perfect vacation project, simple enough so that I can work only for an hour at a time.

I created a wiki page for what needs to be done and what problems there will be. Please take a look and update it as needed. I also sent an email to linux-omap list in a hope to get contributors. It would be nice to finally have mainline kernels supporting N800 and N810.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project of mine, Nokia is not involved in any way. So expect progress to be slow.


15 Responses to “N800/N810 support to mainline kernels”

  1. mika Says:

    any chance of including 770?

  2. Carsten Munk Says:

    Remember us at Maemo Summit to buy you a beer for all your good work :)

    • kvalo Says:

      It might be that the board of directors (read: my wife) won’t approve the trip to Maemo Summit this year, but thanks anyway :)

  3. Tom Says:

    Thank you!

  4. qole Says:

    Oh, full support in a modern kernel would be simply wonderful!

    • kvalo Says:

      It depends what you mean with full support. Full support with diablo user space will be difficult, but full support using standard user space interfaces should be doable. Let’s see how it goes.

  5. tom Says:

    simply awesome

  6. rubik2k Says:

    Thanks for your work!!!

  7. qwerty12 Says:

    Wow, you’re doing this in your own time? Thank you, good to know that there are some Nokians that remember the N800 exists.

  8. Capn_Fish Says:

    Thank you! Between this and the Mer stuff, my N810 just keeps getting better!

  9. qole Says:

    How much of this did you get done this summer?

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