stlc45xx announced

Finally I was able to announce my pet project, stlc45xx. It’s an Open Source WLAN driver for Nokia N800/N810. Read the announcement for more information and the web page for the details.


One Response to “stlc45xx announced”

  1. Daniel Would Says:

    Hi, this looks like great news for the internet tablets. My only issue with the tablets I’ve owned (770 and now the 810) is that I can’t connect to my work wireless network which support EAP-LEAP and EAP-TLS. The former is not supported by the tablets and the latter looks like it should be but doesn’t work.
    If getting a nice open source driver would open up the full options of wpa_supplicant then I guess I will finally get connectivity!

    Is it likely to get to the point this is a relatively easy thing to try from a standard 2008 install? eg just rmmod/insmod type manipulations? I’d love to be able to try it, but I’m not sure I’m upto a complete kernel compile and flash….

    Anyway just thought I’d comment and say great work!

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