Connman lucid daily builds disabled

October 14, 2010

Due to lack of resources in our builder I have disabled the daily builds for indicator-network, connman, ofono and wpasupplicant. I recommend upgrading to maverick for which the daily builds are built normally.



August 24, 2010

I just commited a script to indicator-network with which you can enable debug messages in connman, ofono and wpasupplicant. Just run indicator-network-debug start and the script will restart all daemons in debug mode.

Hopefully it’s now easier for the users to get debug logs.


August 11, 2010

There’s now a new tool for testing ConnMan hardware support. It’s named ubuntu-connman-test and instructions are available at Ubuntu Wiki.

The script will automatically install ConnMan and other needed components, then runs few tests and sends a report back to us. That way we can get more information about the current hardware support in ConnMan.

ConnMan on Ubuntu

August 10, 2010

Nowadays I’m working on getting ConnMan working on Ubuntu. We have UI using the indicator framework and everything packaged for Ubuntu. The packages are already in Ubuntu Maverick and for Ubuntu 10.04 you can install them from a PPA. More information on the wiki.

N800/N810 support to mainline kernels

July 13, 2009

As I hinted in my previous post, I started working on adding N800 and N810 support to mainline kernels. I have now a four week long summer vacation (the best part living in Finland) and this is a perfect vacation project, simple enough so that I can work only for an hour at a time.

I created a wiki page for what needs to be done and what problems there will be. Please take a look and update it as needed. I also sent an email to linux-omap list in a hope to get contributors. It would be nice to finally have mainline kernels supporting N800 and N810.

Disclaimer: This is a personal project of mine, Nokia is not involved in any way. So expect progress to be slow.

stlc45xx in staging

July 8, 2009

stlc45xx (the fully GPLv2 WLAN driver for N800/N810) was included to the staging tree in Linux¬† 2.6.30. Now it’s possible to use linux-omap kernels with an in-tree WLAN driver. (Unfortunately N800/N810 support is broken in linux-omap tree currently, but that’s another story.) This means that the stlc45xx gitorious repository will be phased out and all development should happen in the staging tree instead. I just need to port the remaining patches from gitorious to the staging tree.

Also it was concluded that stlc45xx has so much in common with p54 driver that stlc45xx code should be merged with p54. Christian Lamparter and Max Filippov have merging code from stlc45xx and created a new driver called p54spi. As soon as p54spi is found to be good enough stlc45xx will be removed from the staging tree and p54spi should be used instead. I don’t know yet when this will happen.

So WLAN support is now better in mainline kernels and the next challenge is to get N800/N810 support to mainline kernels.

stlc45xx presentation

September 22, 2008

I have made available the stlc45xx presentation from Maemo Summit 2008. The talk went ok, I hope. I tried to be quick so that we would have time for discussion. And we did have good discussion.

Lesson learned: don’t write too many slides. Better to have a proper discussion than just reading the slides.

stlc45xx announced

September 22, 2008

Finally I was able to announce my pet project, stlc45xx. It’s an Open Source WLAN driver for Nokia N800/N810. Read the announcement for more information and the web page for the details.

Hello world!

August 20, 2008

This is my first post. Most probably I will be talking here about WLAN, Maemo and Linux in general.